Three Deadly Investing Blunders You MUST Avoid in 2006:

A Motley Fool Inside Value Special Report

Executive Summary

Three common investing blunders threaten your financial security, beginning in early 2006. Consider all three carefully.

Because any ONE of them can shatter your dreams of long-term wealth and dash your hopes for a worry-free, financially secure future -- unless you take specific evasive action at once.

In fact, you've already taken the most critical first step. In the pages of this Special Report, I'll reveal what further steps you must take today to secure your wealth in 2006... and beyond.

Here's a brief overview of what you're about to discover.

  • How a time-tested investment strategy methodically turned a $1,000 investment into more than $8 million.
  • How 3 costly blunders threaten your wealth in 2006 and beyond, and how you can easily avoid all three.
  • 3 Dirt Cheap Money Stocks with blockbuster potential (revealed inside so you can start profiting this afternoon).

I'll also reveal a little-known, but incredibly powerful, secret I uncovered years ago. I call it, The No. 1 Fatal Flaw with Stock Research (and most advisory newsletters, too). Just hearing it may change the way you invest for life.

Finally, once you're convinced that I have indeed discovered the secret to building rock-solid wealth in most any market, you'll have the opportunity to join me and my handpicked team of analysts at Motley Fool Inside Value.

You'll even have the special opportunity to sample my complete Inside Value service FREE for 30 days, with zero obligation and no pressure whatsoever to join. But first things first... enjoy the Special Report you requested.

Introduction: How Bullet-Proof is Your Portfolio?

I'll be blunt. I don't mess with "bull or bear" market predictions, and I don't think you should either. But this is not a prediction. It's a plain and simple fact:

Mid 2006, U.S. stocks offer prudent investors darn-near ZERO margin of safety.

And that spells heartache for overzealous and reckless investors. If that sounds alarmist, I apologize.

I'm not trying to scare you, but to offer you an iron-clad opportunity to build a rock-solid fortress around your wealth in 2006 and change the way you invest for life.

Yes, you can profit in 2006 and beyond --
no matter what the market does

How can I be so sure? Because I have news for you... You don't have to make these investing blunders.

In fact, once you see them for what they are, you can easily avoid all three (plus a fistful of others that threaten your wealth right now) and begin methodically stockpiling a portfolio of stocks you can brag about.

Best of all, you can do it... and build enduring long-term wealth in the process... following a simple technique spelled out for you in a book published years before most of today's Wall Street hotshots were even born.

Intrigued? I sure was when I first heard that!

In this Special Report, I'll reveal that remarkably profitable technique. Plus the names of 3 Dirt Cheap Money Stocks I uncovered for you myself using this time-tested strategy, including...

  • My No. 1 cash machine for new investment right now. It's a transactions powerhouse poised to exploit the MASSIVE economic growth in China and India.
  • A venerable institution you know and trust but your broker won't tell you about. It offers an immutable margin of safety, uncommon profit potential, and a staggering 6.2% dividend.
  • The BEST way to play Wall Street -- an investing dynamo that's gobbling up smaller companies and asset management portfolios at fire sale prices. (A once-in-a-century special situation gets you into this one CHEAP!)

Make no mistake, you can add all three of my Dirt Cheap Money Stocks you're about to see to your portfolio this afternoon with extreme confidence.

And you'll soon understand why. Plus, how you can find other cash-machines just like them to protect and grow your wealth in 2006 and beyond.

Best of all, you'll learn why you won't need any black box, wiz-bang voodoo to do it. But rather a failsafe, timeless, and amazingly profitable strategy for building your wealth that's...

  • Surprisingly simple
  • Battle-tested in all types of markets
  • Backed up by 70-plus years of hard data

It's a plain-and-simple fact. This decades-old strategy led shrewd investors directly to...

  • Phillip Morris [NYSE: MO] for 189% profits
  • McDonald's [NYSE: MCD] for 141% profits
  • ConocoPhillips [NYSE: COP] for 103% profits

And believe it or not, that was in one single year... 2003! And 2006 will be no different -- huge winners are out there, and they'll make absolute fortunes for savvy investors.

Sound impossible? I'll prove it

Beginning with an amazing bar chart I created for you using three generations of Ibbotson data -- the very best data available anywhere. I'll even go one giant step further.

By the time you finish reading this Special Report, you'll know in your heart this is the one way to invest. Once you do, you'll have an opportunity to join an exclusive club of investors who are cashing in on the very "secrets" that amassed fortunes for...

  • Benjamin Graham
  • Warren Buffett
  • Peter Lynch

All three of these investing legends made fantastic fortunes for themselves, their families, and their investors. What may surprise you is that they did it following the very same stock-picking method you're about to discover in this report.

Of course, you'd love to join these legendary investors on the one-way street to safe and immutable wealth? Well, you can, beginning in the next few minutes... with the Special Report you're about to read. And the three deadly investing blunders you must avoid in 2006...

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