Top 10 Resume Essentials

1. Your resume must be an attractive document. If you can't lay out your own resume in a professional and pleasing format, find a friend to do it for you or pay a professional.

2. You should have a contact number on your resume that is exclusively yours, preferably your personal mobile phone number. Recruiters don't want to speak with your spouse or hear your toddler inviting callers to "peas leaf a mefage."

3. Use a reliable, issue-free email address. If a recruiter emails you back with questions, you must respond immediately. Create a hassle-free email account using Yahoo! Mail to ensure important email gets through every time.

4. If your resume is more than one page or it is unclear as to exactly what your skills are, place a one or two sentence professional profile at the top of your resume so that a recruiter will immediately understand what you do.

5. Keep things simple and honest. If you waited tables for a year, put that down. That job shows commitment to an employer and people skills. Aggrandizing the job by saying you were a "customer service specialist in the restaurant industry" only makes you sound silly.

6. Make sure the name of the company you worked at is clearly listed as is the position you held there. One doesn't work without the other.

7. Use a few figures to put your accomplishments in context. If you helped grow sales, by what percentage? If you slashed operating costs, how much did it save the company?

8. Avoid being misleading about your education. If you attended business school but did not earn an MBA, make sure it doesn't look like you're implying that you did.

9. You want your resume to convey your solid character. Omit anything that might sully it, such as dubious awards, memberships in controversial organizations, or an affiliation with a political party (unless, of course, you work in politics).

10. Keep it brief. Your resume is a tool to help you land an interview. It is not an autobiography.

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