Chinese Nude site owners arrested

Chen Qian

Changing District Prosecutors' Office today arrested a couple who allegedly set up a porn Website providing real-time nude performances and chats.

Prosecutors said the Website operated by web cameras. More than 300 people around the country were recruited into the Website to give nude performance in front of their web cameras for money.

The couple, surnamed Xing and Hu, was caught at the end of September after police received a report from a local woman whose husband spent 3,000 yuan (US$381) to watch the porn show.

The investigation showed the couple spent about 200,000 yuan to buy software, rent an office and on two web services in July this year.

Later, they allegedly recruited 300 people who were willing to give porn performances to make money.

Prosecutors said there were real-time strip shows and even sexual acts performed on the site.

Anyone who wanted to watch or chat with nude women had to pay via online banking first.

Xing told prosecutors they usually charged 8 to 12 yuan for a half-nude performance and 16 to 24 yuan for a nude performance.

The Website attracted many netizens, prosecutors said. On the day the couple was caught, police found more than 200 registered members watching.

Xing confessed he even had foreign registered members, and that the Website usually earned 3,000 yuan a day.

To make a profit, the couple charged 55 percent and performers received 45 percent as payment.

Among the 300 performers, prosecutors found many that worked for similar Websites.

"They thought it was safer to perform at home in front of their web camera rather than working for some illegal night club," said prosecutor Huang Zheng.

Some of the performers have been fined or taken into custody by police.

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