Office Party Embarassment - I Got Drunk and asked my boss ........

Roberta Chinsky Matuson

Monster Contributing Writer

I work as a recruiter for a third-party agency. I recently attended a company sales meeting, where I had a few too many drinks. While somewhat intoxicated, I asked my boss out on a date. She said no, and things haven't been the same at work since.

I really like the firm, and I know I can learn a lot from my boss. But now I am afraid I have really screwed things up. How do I clean up this mess so I can have a decent working relationship with my boss again?

WHAT THE EXPERT SAYS: Believe it or not, this will only be a bad memory at some point. But for now, you should patch things up so your relationship with your boss does not affect your productivity. Here are some tips to help you get on the road to recovery.

Take Responsibility

First, go into your boss's office and apologize for your behavior. Let her know you recognize your action was inappropriate, and tell her it will not happen again. Tell her you would like to get things back on track and reestablish a good working relationship. Ask if she has any suggestions about how to make this happen.

Be Productive

Your work is very results-oriented. Make sure you focus on getting the results your boss expects. Try to put this situation behind you and do what it takes to make your boss look good. If you're a top performer, she'll be less inclined to move you out of her department. Remember, her income is usually directly dependent on yours.

Check Your Ego at the Door

Pride is a funny thing. It can prevent us from asking for help when we really need it. Yes, what occurred is embarrassing and your pride has probably been hurt, but you need to put your ego aside. The sooner you make things as normal as possible, the sooner this memory will fade.

Nothing Is Working

If a fair amount of time has passed and you still feel things are not back to normal, consider moving on. Life is too short to work in an uncomfortable environment.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Don't allow yourself to make the same mistake again. You will probably be attending other company sales meetings, holiday parties, etc., where alcohol will be served. Stay away from the punch bowl. You don't need it to have a good time, and as you can see, things can get very complicated when you're not in full control.

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