Recharging for Fall

Rhonda Abrams

Is it just me? The calendar says summer is over, but I'm not ready yet. The projects I needed to finish aren't finished. Meanwhile, the sun is still shining and I want to be outside instead of in front of my computer.

Of course, it's not like work stops during summer -- not when you run your own business. It's just that in summer it's easy to develop a more lenient attitude.

Well, fall is here, and it's time to kick off that kick-back attitude. Entrepreneurs, start your engines -- here are some tricks to get recharged and make the most of fall:

* Launch a new project

Entrepreneurs like challenge and excitement. If you've been stuck doing routine day-to-day tasks, it's no wonder you're not motivated. Of course, your new project should be something that helps your business and the bottom line.
* Develop a plan

Fall is the time we develop our annual business plan for the coming year in my company. You'll hear me say this repeatedly, but nothing has helped my business grow as much as doing an annual business plan. And it's not only good for growth, it's also highly motivating.
* Get out there

Go on, pick up that phone or send an e-mail and make appointments. Call on some new prospects or old customers. Negotiate better terms with vendors. Find some new strategic partners. They're all back at their desks after summer, too.
* Learn something new

Using your brain cells is like exercise -- it gets your energy level up. We did a "mini-course" in my office a couple of months ago about online marketing; everyone commented on how motivating it is to learn something new.
* Get dressed

Get out of those shorts and into some office clothes. Even if you normally wear jeans in April as well as in August, switch to nicer casual clothes to help regain focus now.
* Draw up a list of outstanding bills

If you're not motivated by anything positive, try fear. Go ahead, look at that stack of accounts payable or credit card debt. Yikes! It's definitely time to get back to work!

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