Beating a BADD Boss

Rhonda Abrams

The problem with most entrepreneurs is not that they don't have any ideas on how to improve their businesses. It's that they have too many.

For instance, here's a typical morning ritual for an entrepreneur:

* While jogging, envisions new product line

* During shower, thinks up new ways to manufacture product line

* While getting kids dressed, plans new marketing campaign

* Over breakfast, thinks of how to reposition product to appeal to youth market

* During drive to work, remembers idea for a new golf club; considers selling current business, starting golf company instead

* Once in office, remembers crisis with major client, but draws a blank on how to solve it

Sound familiar? The above entrepreneur is suffering from what I call Boss Attention Deficit Disorder, or BADD Boss Syndrome.

A friend of mine who heads up the entrepreneurship program at DePaul University said he's read that most successful entrepreneurs have Attention Deficit Disorder. I can believe it.

Like children who can't sit still, entrepreneurs are easily distracted by their own creativity and intelligence. They're always thinking up something new, or are on to the next project.

If they're not careful, they -- and their company -- can lose focus. They don't complete what they set out to do, and their employees are driven to distraction.

Years ago, I consulted with a very large company whose CEO had a bad case of BADD Boss Syndrome. In less than two years, the company had launched six new divisions. He continually moved key personnel to manage those new endeavors while existing projects languished.

Not surprisingly, the company soon got into serious trouble. Their resources were overextended and they ended up neglecting current clients, all because the boss couldn't stay focused.

How can you avoid becoming a victim of Boss Attention Deficit Disorder? How can you reduce the effects of BADD Boss Syndrome if you're already a sufferer? Check back tomorrow, and I'll give you a list of the top 10 tips to avoid boss attention deficit disorder.

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