Gaitame.Com Co Opts For Imperva's SecureSphere® Web Application Firewall

Imperva, the leader in application data security and compliance, today announced that Gaitame.Com Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese online foreign exchange (FX) trading company has deployed the SecureSphere® Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect its web-based service delivery platform from application attacks including cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Gaitame.Com selected SecureSphere over competing products based on its 10X performance advantage, ability to be deployed with zero network changes, and Dynamic Profiling which automates policy management and enforcement.

Gaitame.Com specializes in on-line services for individual investors. Its online trading platform deals with twelve currency pairs and provides users with real-time information on the world's exchange markets as well as transaction services. Most web services offered at Gaitame.Com require data input by users and communicate directly with databases, which make them a potential target for cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks.

Although Gaitame.Com regularly conducts third-party vulnerability assessments of its web applications, correcting problems is a time consuming process that requires code-level rewrites. SecureSphere provides continuous protection and maintains business continuity for Gaitame.Com applications, until any discovered vulnerabilities can be eliminated.

“In Foreign Exchange transactions, slow application response times translate into financial losses for users. As a result, performance was a key selection criteria for choosing a Web Application Firewall,” said Kazuyoshi Hirose, IT infrastructure manager for Gaitame.Com Co., Ltd. “SecureSphere met our performance requirements, was easy to deploy, and did not impose any changes to our existing network configuration. We are very impressed with its Dynamic Profiling capability, which operates without human intervention and eliminates management and maintenance burdens associated with competing products we evaluated.”

“Foreign Exchange trading is one of the most demanding application environments for any technology, and especially for an in-line attack protection device like a Web Application Firewall,” said Michael Lyu, vice president of Asia Pacific sales for Imperva. “Gaitame.Com’s selection of Imperva reinforces what over 350 leading global organizations have found – that SecureSphere delivers unmatched scalability, performance and ease of use required to support the most demanding business applications on the Internet.”

About SecureSphere

The award-winning Imperva SecureSphere® products deliver practical solutions to protect sensitive data in the databases, Web applications, and Web services that support business critical systems. SecureSphere assesses, monitors, and audits all access to an organization’s databases, and tracks and controls user activity through Web applications and Web services. With SecureSphere, organizations have an automated, proven means to achieve and document regulatory compliance. SecureSphere uniquely saves time and IT resources by operating transparently with no changes to existing infrastructure and dynamically, requiring no manual tuning.

About Gaitame.Com

Established in 2002, Gaitame.Com Co. LTD is the leading retail online foreign exchange marginal trading company in Japan. The Company specializes in on-line services for individual investors. Gaitame.Com deals with twelve currency pairs and provides users with real-time information on the world's exchange markets as well as transaction services. For more information, visit:

About Imperva

Imperva is the leader in application data security and compliance. Leading enterprise and government organizations worldwide rely on Imperva to prevent data theft and abuse, and ensure data integrity. The company’s SecureSphere products provide data governance and protection solutions that monitor, audit and secure business applications and databases. For more information, visit

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