How To Plan For A Mid-Career Change

The key to making a mid-career transition is to understand that you don't have to do it in one big step. By taking a number of small steps, you'll get where you want your professional life to be without causing an income gap or wreaking havoc on your personal life.

The Starting Points
Here are some sound ways you can approach a big career transition.

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Explore your network. It may be that you respect your company, and a new line of work within it would provide the change you crave. If you like the way you and your fellow employees are treated, that's a primary asset you're not guaranteed to get elsewhere.

Volunteering to improve on the way things are done -- even outside of your current position -- is often said to be the surest route to promotion. You may be unduly busy for a time, but having a goal you're working towards can provide you a lot of energy.

Go forth and conquer. If your current job is sapping your enthusiasm for life, then quitting outright may seem like the only choice. And it can be the right choice, provided that you A) are in a position to get by in the short term without a steady income, and B) can use your connections to explore your desired line of work.

Expand your own expertise. Your current job requires its own refined knowledge and core skills. One approach is to seek work in an industry where these can be put to use. Identify the strengths your experience gives you, write a resume that speaks to these traits in a broader context, and explore fields where your skills can be put to good use.

Go to school and learn. Gaining entrance to a new line of work often requires a higher degree or certificate. Whether you want to become an engineer, investor, nurse or chef, earning a degree is the premium means of gaining a foothold in your desired industry. Fortunately, in today's internet savvy world, all manner of degrees are available from reputable online colleges and universities.

The Education Advantage

One enormous advantage of studying online is that you can build your own class and study schedule, so that you don't have to worry about commuting to campus, and allowing you to keep your current job.

Many online schools offer degree programs that let you work at an accelerated rate -- many online business programs, for instance, let you earn your MBA in as little as 10 months. If you're searching for a truly fresh start in a line of work with lots of upward mobility, then take the time to explore. Discover if the degree you need is available online and look at potential schools. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Whatever challenges your path to a new career may hold, there are resources available to help you meet them. Don't hold back -- think actively about what's best for you. Get started toward your future today.

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