10 Major Reasons Why Employers Get Sued

Jericho attorney Robert Lipman, speaking recently at a local human-resource gathering, presented his Top 10 reasons why employers are sued. It's information worth noting because Lipman, of Lipman & Plesur in Jericho, knows of what he speaks. He has successfully sued some of Long Island's biggest employers on behalf of employees who claimed they weren't properly paid. As a lawyer who also represents some employers, he has counseled those clients on how to avoid being sued.

Herewith his Top 10 reasons why employers are sued:

1. Employees are not paid for all hours worked.

2. Employees who complain to human resources are basically told to take a hike.

3. The company is run like a "Mom and Pop" shop and decisions are made by "emotional, arrogant" owners.

4. "We contact the executives and they do not tell us anything to suggest we are wrong."

5. Lost wages will likely be significant.

6. The company thinks supervisor training is unnecessary.

7. A few disgruntled employees come to us to discuss the same problem - and they do not even know each other.

8. Contractual promises limit the company's ability to fire an employee (but they let the person go anyway).

9. The employee complained about a problem and was punished.

10. Evaluations and warnings are not backed up with any specifics.

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