Interwise Inc.'s IP-based Conferencing Solutions Gaining Wide Acceptance

Interwise Inc., a global pioneer in the field of communication networks, deploys quality voice, web and video conferencing services to corporate customers. It provides cost effective and customized business models which combine with enterprise-class technology to provide for efficient communications.

Recently, the company reported a sharp increase in the usage of its IP-based conferencing services. According to new research, customers used the company’s services for approximately 205 million minutes in 2006 - an increase of 45 percent from the previous year.

Interwise attributes this increase to the high number of enterprise-wide installations. A large number of companies dealing in manufacturing, financial services, retail, life sciences, software, and other industries have installed Interwise’s IP-based conferencing services as an integral desktop application - and have benefited from its usage.

Several medium and large sized businesses adopted the latest Interwise-based voice conferencing, web meetings, virtual classes, web seminars, and recording facilities; in lieu of conventional business travel and traditional conference calls. The result was improvement and acceleration in their commercial activities and relationships, both within and outside the organization, such as strengthened relationships with colleagues, consumers and partners.

In 2006, corporations that deployed Interwise’s technology internally in their network structures recorded an increase in its usage. Consumption (in minutes) by employees reportedly increased anywhere from 200 percent to 700 percent.

In addition, the service was clubbed with several other business applications such as email, calendaring, portals, team workgroup tools, document management and ERP. It also found takers in corporate executives, who now conduct and endorse organization-wide and direct staff meetings using Interwise’s communication network.

“Converged conferencing is a high value component of unified communications that is seeing increased acceptance as a core tool for boosting workplace productivity and collaboration,” said Bern Elliot, vice president of research forGartner, said in a press release. “Enterprises should consider an enterprise-wide converged model prior to renewing contracts for departmental-level or stand-alone varieties.”

According to research conducted by IBM, the incorporation of conferencing technologies such as those offered by Interwise will not only aid in narrowing the gap between big business corporations, but will also bring new ideas and resources to the table and increase conjoint commercial activities. IBM arrived at this conclusion after having interviewed around 700 CEOs, executives and public leaders spread across 20 industries and 11 geographic regions.

According to the report, “CEOs believe collaboration is absolutely critical, but there is a problem: although collaborative aspirations were high, actual implementation was dramatically lower.”

Interwise received great reviews for its IP-based conferencing technology from the corporate clientele. Frank Zvi, president and CEO of Interwise, said, “The growth in our customers’ use of conferencing to further all aspects of their businesses indicates that this collaboration gap can be effectively addressed through scalable, affordable communications technology.”

“Our customers are reporting enormous successes in launching more collaborative cultures via Interwise,” he added. “They are breaking through organizational silos and working effectively across time zones to improve business results. We believe this validates our mission to affordably incorporate conferencing into the basic toolset used by all knowledge workers, alongside the computer, telephone, and email.”

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