Four Reasons to Revise Your Resume

For some folks, updating a resume is as much fun as getting a tooth pulled. But updating your resume is only painful when you haven't done it for a very long time. If you view a resume as a constant work in progress, updating it frequently will be a pain-free process. Still not convinced? Here are four reasons you should revise your resume today.

1. What's the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over and over yet hoping for a different result. If you're sending out the same resume over and over yet not getting any response from employers, your resume is obviously flawed. Revise it to enjoy different results.

2. Even if you've held the same job for the past three years, your resume shouldn't look the same as it did three years ago. If your responsibilities at your job have remained static, perhaps the technology you use to do it has not. Indicate that on your resume. If nothing truly has changed at all, it may be time to take on some new responsibilities or learn new skills.

3. Your resume is a road map of where you've been - and it's a good indicator of where you're headed. Updating it frequently will help you remain connected to what's on the map and where you are in your career. This cognizance will help you determine what new experience or skills you'll need to wind up at your dream destination.

4. When opportunity knocks, you need to be ready to respond at a moment's notice. There's no better way to introduce a careless error into your resume by updating it at the last minute. Don't ruin your chance to impress a potential employer because your resume isn't current.

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