New Year, New Resolutions

As 2006 draws to a close, folks will inevitably ask you, "So, do you have any new year's resolutions?" Don't panic if you don't have an answer; Yahoo! HotJobs does. In fact, we've got five.

1. Resolve to make more money.

Make 2007 the year that you give your bottom line a much-needed boost. Set a goal to increase your income by a certain amount. If it's not possible to get a raise that meets your expectations, earn the extra money elsewhere. Get a part-time position. Start a home-based business. Become a seller on eBay.

2. Resolve to get a promotion.

There's no time like the present to move up the corporate ladder. Use the first weeks of the new year to speak with a human resources representative and your manager about your desire to advance. Ask for advice on earning a promotion as well as information about any openings they can anticipate.

3. Resolve to learn a new skill.

What skills do you lack that could be holding you back at work? Could you move up quicker if you knew QuickBooks? Or Flash? Or Spanish? Investigate evening and weekend courses or at-home options and pursue a skill that will help you excel in your profession.

4. Resolve to expand your network.

Your professional opportunities are really only as good as your network. If you neglected your network in 2006, use the early part of the new year to reach out to people you haven't spoken with lately. Not sure what to say? How about simply wishing them a happy new year and asking what they're looking forward to in 2007.

5. Resolve to update your resume.

Having a current resume at the ready is imperative in the age of email and instant messaging. If you hear about a job opening, you don't have a few weeks to get your resume into a recruiter's hands; you have a few hours. Revise your resume at the beginning of the year - and be prepared to respond to any opportunity that comes your way.

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